What Makes Us Different

COREcares strives to allow volunteers to give back to the charities that are meaningful to them so that we can impact a broad range of needs. This in turn encourages local participation on a national scale.

How this makes Us Different

COREcares was founded on the premise of creating opportunities for CORE Foodservice employees to be active on behalf of charities that impact their local communities which span 53 cities across the US. We knew that if we could broaden our scope beyond just the CORE Foodservice we could raise awareness and call attention to lesser known, but equally important causes.

COREcares believes in raising funds for community based foundations that provide at least 98% of funds raised directly to the cause. This allows our volunteers to know that their time, coupled with our monetary contribution makes a direct and large impact

Last holiday season, COREcares has coordinated over 50 unique volunteer opportunities so that people can get active with causes they care about such as such as making birthday boxes for kids in the foster care system and making meals for families in need, among many others. In September of 2019, COREcares was able to charter a plane delivering much needed supplies to those displaced by hurricane Dorian and evacuate families on the return.

Currently, COREcares is working tirelessly to aid small businesses through challenges resulting from COVID-19. For example, with the generous help of sponsors and partners in the foodservice industry, we have been able to raise money for grants to help foodservice operators across the US. Check out our homepage to learn more about our grants and initiatives during this time

We pride ourselves in building a network of opportunity to give back to multiple different causes so that we can create and better the lives for all in need

Board of Directors

Diane Goodman

Andrea Evanter

Kate Goodman

Aaron Colby

Jeremy Slaughter

Rachel Buntenbach

Jennifer Post



“Our team had a great time and several of them are talking about going back to help out on their own. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful day for our Team to experience giving back in such a big way.”

John, Pennsylvania

“Thank you to CORE for the awesome opportunity to share our good fortune with those that are struggling. What a phenomenal experience this was! I have never had such an appreciative group of people in my life.”

Shari, Utah


COREcares Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.